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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Miranda M: Has hyperinflation ever happened to a world reserve currency before? Can it happen to the reserve currency?   If so, how will it affect other countries?
  2. Steve P: If we go into hyperinflation, wouldn’t it be better if we just priced EVERYTHING in ounces?
  3. Wanda P: Lynette, are you going to stay with us through the coming Hyperinflationary event and even after for a time in order to guide us through and help us know when is the right time to use our precious metals?    You might get tired of waiting and decide to retire?
  4. Michael H: IRA gold needs to be storage in generally it is not available for actual possession. What is the difference between storing in, or out of USA, if gold is potentially confiscated like in the 30’s with the impending currency reset?
  5. Glenda L: Will US gold ever reach as highs of Millions per oz. like in Venezuela and other high inflation countries? And if so, do we save some gold for that point and time to buy assets?