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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Eric M: Are corporate, high yield and international bond instruments exposed to the same risk, and are they bad investments?

Question 2. Fred J: If fiat currency is not backed by gold, then why and how would those who create the fiat currency care one way or other about gold? Why should the Federal Reserve/IMF/World Bank care about gold at all, as they create fiat money regardless of gold?

Question 3. Lee: The Fed cut rates in July, why has US dollar surpassed the previous high of 2019 instead of coming down?  Do you foresee the US dollar continuing to strengthen and if yes, what impact would it have on gold and silver as we are possibly heading into recession?

Question 4. Donald C: I believe there will be winners and losers in a currency reset. Who will be the biggest winners and losers?

Question 5. Jeff M: Are the central banks waiting for a panic or catalyst to implement a reset, are they waiting till they’ve acquired enough gold, or achieve some specific goal of theirs? Maybe their hope is to keep the bubble going as long as possible?