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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. BJbandjla: Some people say that central banks actually want the global monetary system to collapse to facilitate a wealth transfer to the elite. Others say the banks really don’t have any grand plan for a new system and are in ‘panic mode’ because of failing derivatives, liquidity issues, bank insolvencies, etc. What do you believe?

Question 2. Lisa K: Can the fed and global central banks keep this artificial financial system afloat like Japan did for decades?

Question 3. Eric H: Japanese bond market had new bond offering that NO ONE showed up for!  What are those implications?

Question 4. John P: when the Fed adds $$ for overnight, do they get those funds repaid the next day? or does the infusion stay in the system and it just builds up? Meaning are we really looking at infusions of hundreds of billions so far?

Question 5. Bernie F: when the market implodes and people are trying to retrieve paper gold will the physical gold sky rocket in price because of the shortage in the real stuff?