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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Bob T: Do JPM and others keep the silver market down with paper trades UNTIL THEY ARE READY to let it sky rocket? Can’t this go on forever until ‘they’ decide to let it rise because they are ready to make THEIR killing?

Question 2. Drwillix: What types of fed tools do you think could kick the can down the road?

Question 3. Richard S: I often hear the phrase, “you can’t have interest rates at zero forever”. If this is true, can you please explain why in simple terms if possible?

Question 4. Eric R: There are two “resets” that I’ve heard about. One goes by the name “Debt Jubilee” in which some suggest all debts would be reduced or eliminated to restart the monetary system. This would have significant impact on debtors as well as creditors. The other is establishing a replacement for the dollar, such as the special drawing rights, in which as a byproduct the price of gold would rise as price manipulation was no longer effective. Are these resets related to each other?

Question 5. Peter L: Federal banks are buying enormous amounts of gold. Why can’t we see it back in the price of an ounce of gold?