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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. David M: How exactly would you buy a house or pay off a mortgage post-reset with gold or silver? Presumably you would have to at least briefly convert it to some sort of currency?

Question 2. Les M: If we are going into hyperinflation can you tell me why real estate is going to go down and become a good investment?

Question 3. Brian B: In a reset/hyperinflation, what are the indicators that gold has reached its peak and it’s time to sell or exchange whatever at top value?

Question 4. David C: What is the Market Cap for Gold/Silver? (Gold= 5.5 billion oz x $1400 = $7.7 trillion) (Silver = 3.5 billion oz x $15.00 = $52.5 billion)

Question 5. George S: What happens when the interest on the debt exceeds the income needed to pay it? Any idea on timing?