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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Bobbi B: Will the criminal banks ever be brought to justice, or will it have to be left to international market forces to end the price suppression of silver and gold?
  2. Lisa K: I keep hearing that the US dollar is strong and that it will crush of all the other currencies before it fails. However, if the US dollar fails first, will it take down the other currencies or will the Canadian dollar be strong against it?
  3. Alejandro F: Can I take my gold and silver with me if I decide to move out of the USA?
  4. Jim H: Do you think that the Fed will let it go to hyperinflation so dollars will dilute enough to then pay off global debt with cheap dollars and then go digital?
  5. Eric R: Do you think it is possible that municipalities in states that are deeply in debt such as California, Illinois, and New York will go bankrupt? Would the Fed be so bold as to support these municipalities or states with more printed dollars, or would investors like me be left with a big IOU of no value?