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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Jon L: Back in 2007/08 when we had the financial crisis, the yield curve went up to around 3%, meaning that investors were selling bonds. During a financial crisis, isn’t it fair to assume that investors would buy bonds instead, so the yield curve would go lower?

Question 2. Terry D: You keep saying the Central banks are buy gold like crazy. What kind specifically? Coins/bars? And does it affect collectible gold coins?

Question 3. Bobbi B: If the Exchange Stabilization Fund (plunge protection team) has unlimited currency (can print it out of thin air), then how will market forces ever be able to overwhelm their precious metal price suppression schemes?

Question 4. Eric M: I have a precious metals IRA and what I have in that account is stored in a Brinks Depository. How secure is that? Could my metals be taken if precious metals are confiscated?

Question 5. Kris S: don’t you think before a reset, there will be crisis (stocks will go down say 50% or more), then FED will start “helicopter money” to again postpone reset, and few years later when people will lose confidence to dollar, then the real global reset begins?