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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1.  Ryne H – If the government can vote to raise property taxes for any reason, wouldn’t buying real estate during the crash become a liability?

Question 2. John J: Do the companies that sell contracts for gold but that don’t possess the physical gold still charge customers fees to store the gold that doesn’t exist?

Question 3. Zaccaria S: is there a way to possibly invest my Gold or Silver back in the Market to where my Wealth can make me more Wealth while I sleep?

Question 4. Stan O: I have noticed that Platinum historically has been more expensive than gold. The last few years Platinum has been lower in price than gold and is currently making a quick move. Would you consider Platinum as a precious metal worthy of our attention?

Question 5. Lim H: Can Lynette give an insight on the flow of funds in the credit markets because I have been hearing that liquidity has been drying up but I don’t know where to look for trustworthy sources.