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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Sean M: With regard to a reset, which seems like it should be close, do you think it’s an overnight occurrence? In other words, we wake up one morning and Gold is $10,000?
  2. Azmi L: Do you think it makes sense to put money into my 401k up to the amount that my employer matches… its free money? What would you put the money into?
  3. Sebastian: Why would governments want to back our future currencies with gold and thus lose the ability to print currencies and manipulate markets? Especially if they take us into a digital government crypto currency?
  4. Ric B: With Covid19 threatening to destroy jobs and the economy I’m interested in understanding what proportion of our wealth we should hold in cash to survive the crisis before using our Gold and Silver.
  5. Rene S: I heard you mention that Whole Life insurance policies will suffer with this economic collapse, can you elaborate how you think they will be affected?