Today we have back one of our very first guests on CWL, Fahad Qawasmi coming to us from Dubai. He has 30 years’ experience in the financial industry, working for Citibank and Accenture and is a partner at Gate Capital, a strategic advisory firm for global corporations.

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Gate Capital specializes in M&A, debt raising and restructuring. Fahad’s specialty is as a strategic advisor to corporations. He is an expert in global finance and certainly the global economy.

With everything going on in the middle east and globally, I should have had him on sooner but am so happy to have him back with us today and really appreciate his being here especially since it is so late in Dubai.

Fahad, it is so good to see you again my friend, welcome and how are you doing?

  1. We have to start with oil. The Saudi’s brought Aramco public last November. Then declared an oil war in March just as the world was waking up to the Coronavirus, which was very interesting timing.
    1. Do you think this oil war was planned when they brought their stock public and what do you think they were trying to accomplish? Has it backfired?
  2. Before the coronavirus exploded, there were growing protests in Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon, as well as globally and this pandemic essentially shut them down. We now see even bigger government controls, everywhere and WITH individuals cooperation. We’ve also seen, like in Hong Kong, where governments are using covid-19 as a distraction and arresting pro-democracy advocates there.
    1. Will this tame global unrest? How do you think global governments and central bankers will use this crisis?
    2. What do you think the it means that 2 million Australians have downloaded a tracking app? We’re told by big tech that our privacy is being protected, and it may start out that way, but what do you think the future could look like?
  3. We’re seeing global central bankers and governments creating unlimited amounts of new money with the Federal Reserve leading the charge and certainly the fiat markets LOVE all this new cheap money.
    1. They keep calling it “stimulus” but does it really “stimulate” or maybe a better question is, WHAT do you think this will really stimulate?
    2. With your experience as a corporate finance advisor, what do you think about market valuations, both in stocks and bonds?
    3. What do you think will happen to the global transition away from libor?
  4. Over the weekend, Steve Mnuchin said that he thinks most if not all businesses should reopen by the end of August and anticipates a V shaped recovery. Many CEOs disagree with him.
    1. First of all, what do you think the recovery will look like?
    2. Secondly, what do you think the new financial system will look like?
    3. Critically, do you think a complete “reset” into a new system is probable or can the current system be repaired?
    4. And if it can’t be repaired, what role do you think the IMF and their fiat money, the SDR will play in the new system?
  5. That takes us to real money, gold and silver. We’ve seen that global central bankers have been accumulating gold since 2008, at the largest and fastest pace ever but we’re also seeing a massive squeeze in the physical markets and premiums rising.
    1. Who else is accumulating?
    2. Where do you think fiat prices are headed?

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  1. Fahad Qawasmi’s Twitter: @fahadqawasmi68