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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Steve N: I heard someone say at this point it is hard to sell the metals to dealers if spot went to 2500 because to get that amount for gold the dealer would be taking a loss, so he won’t offer that much. is this true or to what extent?
  2. Anne J: what’s your take on storing some of your gold and silver in secure off-shore vaults?
  3. John M: Who sets the price of numismatics today? And who will determine the price after the reset?   Is it conceivable they will only be worth their melt value in the future?
  4. Jonny P: If gold and silver goes to it true value, and our currency devalues, do you think copper bullion can be used to barter or trade for goods and services?
  5. Web S: Please give me your opinion if a person has 100k cash to allocate in both metals, what would be your recommended division for cash, gold, and silver?