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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Doug C: With Russia making a move to become the next world currency they certainly have the best ratio of currency to gold in the world. If this is the case and they do become the world currency, will the price of gold stay with our pricing $10,000+ or will it reflect Russian pricing at $1700+?

Question 2. Rohan: Why is having a loan with a variable interest rate bad during or after a reset?

Question 3. B Jenkins: If US interest rates go negative, does this mean that the LIBOR or the SOFR would also go negative?

Question 4. RJS2248: Can the US really go to Negative Interest Rates? It seems that in the US the Repo Market, the Derivative Market and the accumulation of all the other markets cannot rebalance once Interest Rate goes from Zero to Negative. The US Dollar will throw US Markets into a Death Spiral which in turn will then poison the Global Central Banking system.

Question 5. H Tucker: How does the price of oil affect the Petro Dollar if at all. Its seems like there is an intentional move to dethrone the USD as the Reserve currency status with the new Oil price war starting.