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Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Jason S: If and when US rates go negative, can you explain how those negative bond rates will translate into the rates impacting everyday retail banking products and instruments?

Question 2. Scuba Duba: I’m in the MF industry. Almost every wholesaler says “everything is fine!” What is the #1 thing i can put in front of them that they can’t explain away?

Question 3. Chase A: When buying physical gold for a precious metals IRA, do you see this as the same as “holding” a physical asset as if it were in my possession? Trying to avoid the tax penalty.

Question 4. Michael B: why does increasing the money supply (printing more money) causes inflation?

Question 5. Mark T: during a reset, wouldn’t that lead to such social unrest that the market system as we know it would collapse in which case, does it matter if you have gold or not because there are bigger things to worry about at that point?