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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Sean M: With the massive money printing and dollar’s weakening purchasing power, why would anyone want to be invested in equities (or any non-precious metals investment) since when you eventually sell, you will receive dollars that are weaker?

Question 2. Vijay M: if these China, Russia and India increase their gold reserve by 25% or more in the next 5 years, how would that effect the gold price?

Question 3. Jeffrey C: With all the overnight lending from the FED, who is legally on the hook for the loan and the interest rate? if all banks fold in a collapse, would the taxpayer be responsible to pay the Repo principal as well?

Question 4. Nathan M: Negative interest rates haven’t worked in Europe and Japan. Why would President Trump be advocating for negative rates? I believe it would only kick the can down the road and prolong the upcoming crises.

Question 5. Shaffer: Is it possible that American repos are being funneled to Deutsche Bank? As banks constantly do overnight transfers, is it possible they’re hiding in their books, the first foreign bank bailout?