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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Eric E: Many people recommend 10% of my assets to be in Precious Metals. How can 10% of my Assets in precious metals allow me to maintain my buying power in the event of a reset? Is that really enough?

Question 2. Jacqui S: I have just watched your great presentation on monetary velocity. Please can you tell me how a price target policy and hyperinflation in the US will affect other countries?

Question 3. Stephen F: If America is able to print as much money as it wants and then buys lots of assets, including as much gold as it needs.  Will it be in a great position when it decides to implement the Reset?

Question 4. Ishmael W: China possibly backing the Yuan with Gold since the central bank has been actively stock piling Gold, alongside countries like Russia and India.

Question 5. Paul S: Why was our currency revalued in the past…. this time it will be the debt, what were the previous reasons?