In a recent revelation, a company called Lear Capital based in Los Angeles was successful in gathering four out of eight of the Rare Gold Coins known as Stella gold coins. The four coins of original four dollar value are amongst the most highly priced collector’s items, valued at over $6.5 million. There are two types of Four Dollar Stella Coins – one with Liberty’s coiled hair and the other with flowing hair. These are one of the world’s most expensive and famous coins especially since there are only eight known 1880 Four Dollar Stella Coiled Hair gold coins. The price of each coin exceeds $3 million. Stella coins were designed as a uniform currency for USA in its possibility to join Latin Monetary Union.

Some of the Most Valuable Rare Gold Coins

Apart from the Four Dollar Stella gold coin, which is quite expensive for obvious reasons, there are some other rare coins too that hold the fancy of many numismatists.

1795 Five-Dollar Gold Coin Turban Head

The five dollar gold coin or half eagle coin of 1795 is a rare collectible because it was minted the very first year when gold coins came into existence in the United States. The coin’s obverse features Liberty with a turbaned head facing to the right. The reverse side depicts an eagle. This type was produced till 1807. Its composition was 92% gold, 8% copper and silver.

1838 Half Eagle Liberty Head

This design was used from 1838 till 1908, i.e. for almost 70 years. It depicted a Liberty head or Coronet Head on the obverse with its reverse featuring the same eagle carving. This rare gold coin holds the distinguished position of being the only single design to be minted at seven different US Mints, namely San Francisco, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Denver, Charlotte, Carson City and Dahlonega. The composition of this rare coin was 90% gold and 10% copper.

1933 Ten Dollar Gold Coin Indian head

This coin was among the last batch of gold coins designed and circulated as currency for public. President Franklin Roosevelt phased out gold coins as currency for public usage and switched to paper currency notes. The coin’s obverse features, Liberty crowned with an Indian war bonnet. The reverse depicts an eagle. The 1933 Ten Dollar Gold Coin Indian head is considered to be one of the most valuable rare coins as it was the last of its kind.

1933 St Gaudens Double Eagle

Last year in July, a Philadelphia jury ruled that rare gold coins of Saint Gaudens 1933 type belonging to a jeweler family were actually the property of US Treasury. The rare coins’ collective worth was $40 million, which the owner had to surrender to the US government. Those ten rare gold coins were part of a batch that was never circulated following the orders of President Franklin Roosevelt. These coins were supposed to be in a vault and were to be melted into bullion bars. The jury conceded that these coins were stolen from the Treasury by an insider and hence is rightfully the U.S.

government’s property. There are only ten to twelve known specimens of this kind, making it one of the rarest gold coins. A few years back the same gold coin was auctioned and sold to an anonymous buyer for $7.5 million.

If you are a rare coins enthusiast and can not afford such numismatic rarities, make sure the piece you do acquire is authentic and graded by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, which is a part of the American Numismatic Association. There’s always a choice of investing in U.S. gold bullion coins, which are traded at the current market prices of spot gold for those who can not afford rare gold coins.