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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Vincent P: Do you think that Covid-19 is not the cause for all the new money creation, but a smoke screen used to hide the already failing financial system?

Question 2. Jeremy M: If hyperinflation does occur, will our employers be able to keep up with giving us pay raises to stay in line with the rapidly increasing costs of goods?

Question 3. Tanya J: If there was the introduction of a universal basic income, wouldn’t this just keep the economy afloat indefinitely so the crash that seems imminent could actually be years away, therefore making gold and silver stagnate?

Question 4. Joseph C: If the Federal Reserve goes negative rates. What does that mean for first time home buyers? Would the banks pay people to take out new mortgage loan?

Question 5. Victoria B: Why does the Stock Market keep going up? It seems totally out of sync with the real world?