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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Many Viewers: what are your thoughts about investing in precious metal mining stocks?

Question 2. Many Viewers: Are there any noticeable patters around the government shutdown?

Question 3. Matti K: What happens to the price of gold if Chinese yuan (or any other major currency other than the USD) is backed by gold?

Question 4. Dennis J: Are “most” stocks, mutual funds, and etf’s only redeemable in USA currency? Therefore, if the dollar is only worth let’s say 10 cents, the stock shares are only worth 10 cents a share?

Question 5. Peter M: Could you please explain why hyperinflation is possible? If I look at history, they could print money, but what caused the hyperinflation was the shortage of products. There was barely anything to buy, but there was demand, so prices went up. If I look around now, there is no shortage of anything.