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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Show Me: DTCC can create more stock shares for sale than the number issued by companies and given to them. Since the DTCC is like a bank holding shares until they are ultimately returned to the originating company, can they really be selling more than the number they started with? If they can, what are the implications on supply/demand/price discovery and market manipulation?

Question 2. Chakradhar: If I have a Personal Loan in America. when the Negative Interest Rates hit, do I have to pay more money or less money?

Question 3. Monique P: currently physical gold prices are in line with spot gold prices mostly, but at some point the physical breaks away, when is that typically in the cycle?

Question 4. Renee W: I’ve been reading about how the plunge protection team can stop the stock market from crashing. How can they do that, and can it do that for the long term?  If they are able to keep the stocks up sustainably, will that mean there will never be a crash again?

Question 5. George K: What comes first hyperinflation or the reset?