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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Tom K: We know when bond yields go down principal goes up, and vice versa. When FED and ECB cut rates why doesn’t the currency get stronger?

Question 2. Vinnie R: can you explain what shadow banking is?

Question 3. Mike C: What are your views on India, China and Russia developing an alternative money transfer system to the SWIFT system? Apparently, this is gaining momentum in response to accelerating US money printing.

Question 4. Brad R: When Jerome Powell from the fed stated that they will be “adding to their reserves,”  what exactly does that mean? Does this mean printing more reserve notes, buying more bonds, adding to their own gold reserves, or all of the above? I am asking this because I was under the Impression that the Federal reserve is not federal and has no reserves.

Question 5. Mitch G: Since all the world is in a low interest rate environment, could it be argued that low rates is “normal.” If the central banks are able to keep confidence by convincing everyone that this is the new normal could they prolong indefinitely a collapse?