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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Jason W: Do you think that a major stock market crash with kick off hyperinflation by way of people pulling cash out of the banks and piling into tangible goods?
  2. Gail M: Why would the price of gold not lop off the same “0” when they lop off a “0” in the currency. For example, would a collectible coin worth $3,000 not become worth $300?
  3. Luis P: Why is that a 1 oz. Silver or Gold coin is more expensive bought directly from the Royal Canadian Mint web site than purchased from a reputable gold/silver dealer even though in both places is just a 1 oz. coin?
  4. Gold Morning: Years ago I took all my money out of the bank. So here I sit with gold, silver, junk silver and numismatic gold AND lots of cash still. If the cash will shortly be worth nothing when the electronic system starts what should I do with the cash?
  5. Scott S: What happens to employees’ salaries and cost of goods after a reset?