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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Stephen M: Since we will trash cash and go digital will we see the end of local banks?
  2. Mathew T: In 1933 the law was passed making private ownership of gold bullion illegal and that that was an “overt” confiscation. How would a “covert” confiscation of my gold go into effect?
  3. Sean M: Do you think UBI will occur by way of a 2nd wave of virus, thereby causing people to stay home again this fall and finances get so bad that people need $ so government votes in favor of UBI?
  4. Albert S: Recently, the amount of gold stock at the COMEX has been exploding. Do you think this is a sign of glut or demand?
  5. Paul S: Those of us who have been following you all know where things are heading. But the one thing I cannot understand is that why are so many financial professionals not hitting the panic button with regards to the over-inflated stock market? Central banks may be buying gold, but how is it that so many “investment professionals” are not seeing the train coming?