The $20 Liberty Gold Coins as well as the $20 Saint Gaudens are highly promoted online. If you are an investor wishing to bank on them there would be several websites to gather information from before you buy. It would be advisable to gather as much information on these gold coins, as you can lay your hands on, before purchasing any of them. The $20 Libertys are commonly known as Double Eagles. These coins served as common currency in America till 1933, when  gold was withdrawn by the then American President, Franklin Roosevelt. Other equally popular coins include both the Indian Head and the Liberty types, which include $10 coins, $5 coins, $2.5 coins as well as $1 coins. Just like the $20 coins are termed Double Eagles, $10 coins are known as Eagles, $5 as half Eagles and $2.5 as Quarter Eagles.

Guidelines for Purchasing Liberty Gold Coins

Some of the following guidelines may ensure safe purchases when adhered to:

1.    Quality must always be given preference over quantity. Richer quality ensures rarer coins. Besides, an inclination to collect coins of high quality would also lend aesthetic pleasure to you and would also end up being collectors’ favorites.
2.    Buying rare coins within an affordable range is always advisable. Reports generated by authorities like the NGC and the PCGS should always be prioritized. Always make sure you buy rare variants with a lower survival rate.
3.    Prefer sleepers and stoppers when buying. Sleepers would be rare mintages, undervalued in comparison to their rarity. Stoppers would be issues that complete sets. Naturally, both have specific values to cater to.
4.    Looking for professional help would be a good idea. Professionals can prove to be of help particularly when you decide to spend on rare variants like Liberty coins.
5.    Always buy coins that have been duly graded and certified by authorities like PCGS and NGC.

Choosing the right coin for purchase could take some time. However, a purchase that has been thought out over time could lead to the best results for you in purchasing Liberty gold coins.