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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Aaron F: I have around 4000 ounces silver and 170 ounces gold, as I prepare for the inevitable dollar collapse. I have 91 rental units that are leveraged on average at 65% of value. They are occupied and currently provide good cash flow. What do you see as the most likely outcome with leveraged income producing real estate?
  2. Aryan: if the “fiat currency” gets officially reset and the true value of gold is determined, example.. if gold resets at $15,000 per ounce, what will everything else’s prices look like?
  3. Brent V: What are your views on allocated, unallocated, and pool allocated storage options? My metals are stored at the mint itself, and they have told me “we don’t sell what we dont have”.
  4. Nicole V: I’m rather late to the game. I have 60 oz of silver and no gold. If the currency reset is based on gold, will silver owners get left behind?
  5. Susan B: Hi Lynette! So, you’ve always said the Gov/Fed will have to put us back on the gold standard when they reset the currency, because it’s the only way to get people to trust it and “buy in” and use it. However, wouldn’t UBI do that?  What I mean is, if everyone is given a digital account through the Fed, while simultaneously being allowed to use our “old dollars”, and they are given “free money” every month, isn’t that incentive enough?