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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Rima T: You mentioned that a part of your gold portfolio consists of legacy gold. Can you please describe that category? Can an average guy afford a legacy gold coin? What is a starting price of such coin?
  2. Brenda C: Why is it that the dollar to gold, and dollar to silver ratios on the are so much higher than the spot price? I understand the market sets the spot price, but it seems reasonable to me that the real value (for the US anyway) should be according to the ratio. Please help me understand this.
  3. Victoria G: When we go to a digital wallet, it will be held by the federal government for us in our name (January 2021) how would we put our collectable gold into that system? I am assuming they will only let us buy or sell in that system.  And I assume they may not agree on the value of my collectables.
  4. Ron H: In the past the recommendation was to have some fiat currency on hand to weather through the transition to the new monetary system. In light of the “Banking for all act” that is now going through Congress and the Senate, do you still recommend having several months of fiat currency on hand, that is out of the banking system?
  5. Dan B: In the event of a U.S. stock market collapse and in the event of the collapse of the dollar, are bonds still a safe investment?