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We are here this morning with our chief market analyst Lynette bank and as a continuation of last week we’re doing QA on Thursday so what we’re doing is we’re taking the best questions from YouTube from our YouTube channel and we’re aggregating that into one sheet and when that has not seen them so that that way we can ask her kind of live on camera and get her true response so i am going to go over the three questions and we’ll see what you have to say okay so Nicholas pens and I guess I asked these are there these are there screaming so Nicholas ask this is a multi-part question okay so what ever happened to see any position limits I am aware position limit exceptions can be made when a trader broker is properly head but what does that mean can precious metal short positions be heads with corresponding on position towards your short contract in excess of cma position limits have to be hedged with physical metal if the latter is true is the declared physical mental position a matter of public record I’m going to have to do some research to answer that question okay so i will answer it next week i will do my research than alright i’ll save that one say that one okay all right Charlotte Grove asked if I take b money out to buy retirement precious metals according to IRS rules can I hold the precious metal of myself science alone does it all research on my well you can a b you can’t hold physical metals in a big can she get all over them she can roll it into a traditional IRA or roth IRA any form of IRA and then she could do metal inside of the IRA okay now with the B is a teacher’s month yeah hospitals is usually something like teachers hospitals where they still work for him can she do and then probably not ok bro through these are really have to actually be retired then if she could then she can roll it into a tradition ira within a precious metals IRA okay or she could take a distribution pay for taxes and then hold the metal to herself yes okay okay either way right and to answer the question about the can you hold the IRA metals yourself she’s talked about that day erry that’s a gray that’s sort of a gray area there are companies out there like a queue plans that do help people set up precious Miller self-directed IRA LLC so they will actually help you create the LLC legally there is a lot of steps that you have to take to be exactly in line with IRS guidelines so we don’t do it here but acne plan is somebody that we’ve researched thoroughly you know that they have attorneys on facets that is up and you can do a precious metals IRA LLC where you could technically hold the metal yourself according to a key plan and their attorney so that might be something you might want to reach out to Allen small that’s the representative we’ve talked to over there a taxi plan and he could give you more guidance on whether or not or how to set up an IRA LLC where you could actually have the LLC holds of metal okay okay Monica asks why do governments own goals if they can print all money they want that’s a great question and it’s just because they can print all the money that they want and then that money loses value so they need the goals in their system to retain power that’s why they’ve been accumulating goal since the crisis because they know that they’re destroying the value of the currency so that’s exactly why they do okay so seem to feel a little bit more about to routine power okay well the most important function of goal is to hold your purchasing power intact and they know that it does it over time it’s done it for , years at the same time the fiat money which is government declared right the literal translation of Fiat is by decree the most important function of that is inflation which guarantees you can’t buy the same amount of goods and services over time and this has been attempted more than forty eight hundred times you know back in history and today I mean we’re only odd turns the fiat has two dimensions exactly and without exception every single one of them has gone to zero because that is the design of it so holding gold physical monetary goals helps them retain that purchasing power plus when it gets to the point where nobody trusts the currency where the pop of the public actually loses confidence in the currency then they do is they call a reset and they re value the currency the fiat money against that monetary goals goals then rises to its true value which is as a store of value as the fiat currency loses all value then they can repay those debts reset those debts with a currency that has zero value okay all right and since you can answer the first one will go with Alvin says I have a question when the next crash does come and gold and silver increase in value when should one cell hold on let me see says I’m in cozy and would be selling into Australian right yea he is in Australia okay so basically you want to look for the pattern that’s why I talked so much about them and when that happens what you’re going to see and this would be historically accurate so I can’t guarantee that but this has happened every time is you’ll see the bowls in terms of whatever the currency is it doesn’t matter but goals in terms of that currency rises and other income producing assets likes a commercial real estate or even give and paying stocks that you pulled out right they will decline in terms of dollars when you see that accumulation pattern and it looks like the bottom of a cup we have a webinar in the archive on identifying those all of those different patterns which you can see if you went to IT training com there’s a webinar archive button and navigation and filter through debt right and you want to look for the one that says something like identifying the phases of a trend how well as other things of the training exactly so when you see that pattern forming then you’re going to know that that income-producing asset the big money is recognized that under evaluation and begun to accumulate so that’s when you’re going to want to convert the growth part of your goal portion into those other income-producing assets called buying low and selling high okay so that’s a really wish more people did more like well you know what the problem is people don’t know how to identify right or value live in the stock market look at the bond market I mean you know everybody is mrs. too high is to Isis but it’s going higher so everybody goes all-in let me tell you when that’s hide shit you won’t have a chance to get out okay so that’s all the questions for a day and to get that webinar Titans we go to www itm trading calm and then you’ll find it in the dark brown navigation bar at the top to the webinar archive right and I just want to say one more thing definitely definitely you guys are going to want to watch the little five-minute thing that we’re going to do on Tuesday because I know that Janet yellen’s says that they raise the interest rates because these kind of doing so good but i’m going to show you the real reasons why they raise the interest rates and why they will probably maybe perhaps keep doing it we don’t know every country that’s attempted it so far since the crisis is the forced to lower them and then some but this is you’re going to find this really interesting guy so please come all right so like us on Facebook follow us on twitter subscribe to our youtube channel call us at and we’ll see you next time bye