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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Bryan G: Is deflation likely to precede hyperinflation?

Question 2. Mike J: what would happen if the Fed quits paying the large banks interest?  Would this force the banks to lend that money out which in turn would create new money thereby helping the economy and increasing inflation?

Question 3. Jonas: how will negative rates on bank deposits will affect money supply?

Question 4. Todd B: When the reset, my fear is that the Government will attempt to impose a windfall tax on ANY conversion from metals into the “new fiat” that nearly negates ALL of our gains. What are your thoughts on this?

Question 5. Mister Micawber: All gold does is it preserves your purchasing power. But, if gold is $5,000, then oil is probably $400, and everything is double or triple, you’re not really ahead of the game,” Rickards said. What does that mean?