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Inflation, Coin Currency & Whole Life Insurance

Live Q&A Sep 13, 2023

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Question 1: 0:44
Will whole life insurance policies, that can be borrowed against, potentially be negatively impacted or wiped out in this upcoming financial reset?

Question 2: 4:29
It’s clear to me how inflation harms a population, but how exactly does inflation enrich the central bankers and their friends?

Question 3: 10:25
As the fiat money expires, will the coins we are currently using retain any value?

Question 4: 11:24
Traditionally, we have been told not to have more than 10-20% of our assets in precious metals. The purpose of this advice was basically not to have all your eggs in one basket.  For the average retired person, do those percentages still make sense?

Question 5: 14:45
Why is the price of gold dropping?  If Central Banks have bought more gold in the first half of this year than any time in history, shouldn’t this demand drive up the price?  I’ve heard many say “they” are suppressing the real price of gold.  It seems like it… but how do they do this? By what mechanisms do they suppress the price?

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Lynette Zang

Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading

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