Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Joost: Why is the color of golden coins different when they are all 9999 pure element AU?

Question 2. Gregg A: When China devalues the Yuan, how exactly is that done? Does the Chinese Government or China’s Central Bank just declare that we’re revaluing the Yuan to be so many Yuan per US dollar, or what?

Question 3. Tanya K: if there is a reset, considering that collectibles are valued above their actual weight in gold – will anyone care about the fact that they are collectible? Will I be losing some value when trading in due to the fact that people will most likely be more interested in the value of the actual gold and not the collectability factor?

Question 4. Seba: when comes time to sell gold, what do you mean by income producing assets?

Question 5. Eric E: Why didn’t quantitative easing cause Mass inflation?