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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Scott T: In Venezuela their Bolivar has crashed like where we are heading. One ounce of Silver is worth 1 million ish bolivars. 1 million bolivars can only buy a few bananas. If we wait until the dollar collapses to Zero like Venezuela, our silver will only be worth bananas. Even if a Venezuelan had 100 Ounces of silver they could not buy a home. Wouldn’t it be smart to sell at the initial panic. Example when silver is $100? Before its worth just bananas?

Question 2. Greg G: Will a person be able to purchase gold and silver after the global currency reset?

Question 3. Lisa K: How can I find true information on the health of a company so I can begin to educate myself on which companies will survive the chaos and may be a good investment after the reset?

Question 4. Rich: I see there is talk of a new government digital currency! When this happens, what happens to all the currency that is under all the mattresses? Does it all go puff!! or will they give you time to turn it in?

Question 5. Peter M: How will the new Central Bank Digital Currency affect gold and silver value in the coming months, in your opinion?