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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. John D: If the USD hyperinflates, how do you see this impacting the payment of property taxes? In this scenario, is the American Silver or Gold Eagle a viable payment instrument? That is, would the local government office be legally bound to accept Eagles for payment of taxes?

Question 2. William W: OMG! In 2008 the price of one ounce of gold valued in Venezuelan Bolivar was 1,788 VEF. Today it’s over 300 Million!!! The all-time price chart is stunning. Is this what could happen in USD?

Question 3. Meredith M: I believe I heard you say that if you have variable rate debt as in credit card debt, you will never be able to pay it off once hyperinflation begins. It sounds like you are saying there is no hope for those with credit card debt during the upcoming crisis, even if you are holding collectible gold.  If that is not true, what would be your suggestion for those who cannot get out of credit card debt before the crisis, but do have some collectible gold coins?

Question 4. Paul S: I believe the US has revalued the dollar vs. gold a few times in the past. Can you explain how they did this and what were the stated reasons for doing so? How does today’s situation differ, if it does?

Question 5. Saher A: How does the bond market fair during the upcoming crisis? In 2008 when market correction happened and financial crisis, it looked like one was protected by investing in bond funds? What makes this crisis different and what do you think will happen to bonds?