Gold In An IRA

In today’s uncertain economic environment, investing your wealth without a plan
for diversification is like building a modern skyscraper without any blueprints.
Increasingly, savvy investors are including precious metals in their retirement
plans to balance their retirement portfolios. It is important to diversify your
retirement savings in this way to keep your money working in a variety of economic
and market conditions.

By balancing risk and performance, a diversified portfolio spread across several
investment categories (stocks, bonds, cash, precious metals) can produce handsome
long-term returns without the volatility involved with “putting all of your eggs
in one basket.”

Planning for retirement can be challenging because of the many unknown factors involved.
If your retirement savings are not properly diversified, you may be jeopardizing
your financial security in retirement. However, if you diversify your portfolio
across a broad variety of investments, you can indeed accumulate and preserve sufficient
wealth to retire securely.

Establishing Your IRA with ITM Trading

Many of our clients are now establishing new retirement plans, while others are
moving a portion of their retirement plan savings from other institutions. Whatever
your needs may be, we urge you to take full advantage of these retirement plans
to help you preserve your wealth for the future.

The first step in the process is to set up a self-directed IRA account with a company
that administers them. ITM Trading can provide you with a list of these companies
for you to choose from.

These companies facilitate the self-directed IRAs and are known as custodians. They
do not buy or sell precious metals. They will set up your account, store your metals
and transact for your IRA. They charge annual fees for these services.

Add Gold to Your IRA

Once your IRA is set up and is funded, an ITM Trading representative can guide you
through the various precious metals that are IRA qualified. Contact us today at
1-888-696-4653 to speak to one of our Precious Metals Consultants to get more information
and to request our IRA packet to find out about gold in an IRA.