Egon started Matterhorn Asset Management (MAM) in 1999 as a private investment company for high net worth individuals, pension funds etc. all based on wealth preservation principles.

In early 2002, he saw that financial and economic risk in the world was getting uncomfortably high. So that year they made substantial investments in the physical gold market at $300 average. They recommended then that an investment of at least 25% of all financial assets be in physical gold.

He is an educator, prolific writer and popular guest on many youtube channels, like King World News, Greg Hunter Watchdog USA and CWL.

We are so happy to have you back and excited to hear your experience in the physical gold and silver world with high net worth individuals. Welcome back Egon.

In 2002 you recommended 25 – 50% of investable assets be in gold, how much of your investable assets do you now think should be in gold and silver

You say that 2006 – 2009 was just a rehearsal and that there are now unfunded liabilities and derivatives of around $2.5 quadrillion. A lot people seem to think that the central banks can do this forever and maintain the status quo. What do you think about that and why

The finger is being pointed at the coronavirus as the cause of all our ills, so I suppose when they find a cure all our woes will be over and the global economy will just bounce right back and people will rush back to work and have lots of money to spend, spend, spend. Would this be an accurate assessment of the current situation

There’s lots of talk about the shape of the recovery, V shape, L shape U shape. Can you explain what you think lies ahead?

The global stock markets are up substantially over the last few days, is the worst behind us? Do you think we’re going back to business as usual?

What do you think about the new SBA program for small and medium business loans in unlimited amounts and supported by private equity firms. Will this save America?

Universal Income

Can you fight a virus with debt?

Community lending facilities for over indebted large corporations being set up. Can central banks “bail-out” the world? What will the impact of these efforts likely to be?

Spot gold is testing $1700 an ounce, does that reflect its true value?

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