When you consider seeking assistance from a Gold Trading company for making investments in gold, knowledge of the current values of gold and silver coins is always essential. In March 2012, the sales figures for the American Eagle gold coins as well as the silver bullion rebounded as investors provided for several pricing dips. The American Eagle silver reached 2.542 million, escalating by 70.6% from the month of February when the lowest sales figures of 1.49 million were registered. A tripling effect was witnessed in the American Eagle Gold bullion with distributors who took 62,500 oz against last month’s 21,000. However, the sales registered were still lower as compared to last year, by 15 percent.

While the most recent data for the American Eagle takes into account the inventory produced during 2011, the Mint continues selling bullion products dated 2011. Some of these are 24 karat American Gold Buffalo bullion. However, not many 2012 edition Buffalos were introduced on March 5. Collectors and investors always prefer current issues of coins and this was one of the major reasons for driving sales up during last month. The sales of Buffalos went up to hit the 26,000 ounce mark, the most promising tally since August’s 28,000, and easily outpaced February’s 7,000 as well as January’s 13,500. However, despite the promising surges, the performances still remain sharply lower compared to the figures registered last year. The 2011 dates American Gold Buffalos were also introduced in March and as many as 38,000 had been already claimed.

Gold Trading and Purchase Options
Your gold trading and purchase options could be many depending on the amount your wish to buy, the selected lock in period. Some of the options a gold trading company might suggest for optimum gains would include:
•     The most traditional purchase options could be to buy Gold Bullion and coins that are sold for low premiums. These are legally produced in government mints of all countries. Whether you wish to buy newer or old bullion or coins is entirely up to your personal preferences.
•     This could be affordable and convenient for many.

There are buyers who diversify their portfolio to include a range of options from bars to coins. It all depends on how you wish to assign your tolerances for maximizing the benefits. Dealing with a trusted company is always be advisable when gold trading.