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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Daniel U: I am concerned about the price of physical gold being “fixed” during the one of several currency resets we may have. When the currency fails and physical gold climbs towards its fundamental value, can’t the president/fed/gov’t just declare that gold is worth X, and prevent us from paying off our mortgage, etc.. since physical gold will only be worth a set price?
  2. Aaron B: We haven’t heard much about what has been going on in the repo market for some time. How have things changed since the start of the pandemic and what might it tell us about the state of banking?
  3. John M: With an inevitable reset with some gold backing, how are we to have faith in this gold here in the US, when we have no idea or proof that we actually have the gold still exists? The last audit was in the 1950s I believe.
  4. Jan J: what that will happen first, the crash of the stock market or the crash of the Us dollar?
  5. Lynn S: Will our gold be unusable if it’s from a different country?