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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Mr. Anderson: Some people simply refuse to believe that the reset is coming or that they could be in danger by not having precious metals. What advice would you give to someone who’s concerned about their friends and family who want to remain blissfully ignorant?

Question 2. James R: Why can’t the price of physical gold detach from the price of paper gold?

Question 3. Steven P: How safe are allocated precious metals accounts with the metals held in 3rd party vaults? They’re so convenient to buy, sell, trade between metals, and/or take physical delivery, but in a collapse scenario, what are the odds the metals will vanish, be confiscated or the account will be cashed out in fiat?

Question 4. To Sa: Is it possible to deal with deflationary contraction by printing the “right amount” money so that the resulting increased money supply will get rid of the deflation without being harmfully inflationary?

Question 5. John S: Will we be able to trade stocks (with an existing Fiat account) during the reset?