Gold is down for the second day in a row.  As of this writing the gold spot price on the Comex is $1,181.10.  That is down from an all-time intra-day high of $1,265 posted a month ago.  Gold is trading in a range of $1,185 to $1,250.  The price action has been pretty volatile inside of this range, closing up one day and down the next.  This is typical action in any bull market, but is characteristic of a second phase.  Traders are capitalizing on profits before the next big move in gold.

The price of gold has fallen for four straight weeks, over concerns of deflation.  The CPI has declined for three consecutive months and has not dropped four months in a row since the Great Depression.  Look for Unemployment to increase, retail sales to remain weak and consumer confidence to wane further.  These factors have contributed to temporary deflation giving many gold traders an excuse to liquidate gold investments tied to the gold price.

With the entire stimulus the US government has put into the system, these deflationary pressures will begin to turn into extreme inflationary pressures.  This is the main reason why many experts believe that the gold price has a long way to go before reaching an ultimate record price, before suffering a major correction.  Some experts are calling for $7,000 to $15,000 gold prices before it’s all over.

July and August are typically softer months for gold followed by a rise in prices during the fourth quarter, signaling a good time to buy in.  This has been true in eight out of the last nine years.  Further analysis of the gold market is showing that right now is a great time to buy rare gold coins.  Prices are down across many areas of the asset class and are creating great opportunity and extreme values.  In fact some coins are estimated to be undervalued as much as $1,400 per coin.  These prices are down from December when gold broke the $1,200 mark.  Values are best in the MS63 & 64 $20 Liberties.