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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. James C: What is the difference between the spot price of Gold and the Gold to dollar ratio of $8,673 per ounce on the US debt clock?

Question 2. Josh R: If a deflationary event occurs and gold drops to say $600/oz, will bullion coins be available for purchase or will most dealers hang on to what they bought at a much higher rate, leaving buyers out in the cold?

Question 3. Chase A: Why would a large majority of “awoke” investors that believe in precious metals and the current fragile condition of the financial markets still only subscribe to the conventional 5 to 10% of your portfolio in PMs? I get they say PMs are insurance but why stick with a dying system? I see that once this fake market fails, the other 90-95% will be the first thing to burn off.  What’s your take on their strategy?

Question 4. Walita: From all of your lectures, should I take away that almost 100% of the gains in the stock market are due to corporate Buy-backs?

Question 5. J Carlson: In an economic collapse, you mentioned the housing market crashing and the value of homes falling as much as 50%. With hyperinflation that would make homes a steal. Won’t each state have to raise their property taxes to keep up with the hyperinflation as well as the municipal bonds they need to pay back?