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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Andrew Q: Being that silver is both a monetary metal as well as an industrial metal, do you feel that silver will outperform gold in a currency reset? I can’t help but feel that silver is extremely undervalued compared to gold.

Question 2. Danielle: We know there will be an upcoming global reset, but will there be any countries that will fair better than the US? And with that in mind, are there any countries which she might recommend retiring to for future financial security/safety?

Question 3. Richard W: If, in the future, bullion gold is made illegal, do you think ownership of gold mine stocks will also be made illegal?

Question 4. Benoit H: If they impose the NIRP, you buy with your currency gold, problem solved… am I wrong?

Question 5. Orlando: I believe in owning gold and silver as money/ currency but how will it help when we are forced into a cashless society and I see them crashing silver and gold that’s all gold illegal to own. Your thoughts please I see this coming very quickly the technology is here and this new generation is eating up the hype hook, line and sinker.