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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Chris B: How do the big bullion banks sell enough contracts to drive the price of gold and silver down in an extreme way without taking an extreme loss themselves?

Question 2. JR: Why would central bankers need to sell gold to raise money when they can just print it (and always do) to just give it away? Do you think central bankers are dumb enough to sell real money when they can just print the fake stuff?

Question 3. Kevin M: Since a tremendous amount of wealth is leaving the markets, Treasuries are at all-time lows, the dollar index is down, global markets are tanking, AND gold and silver are plunging, where exactly is the wealth going? If you take it out of one form of currency or market, doesn’t it all have to show up somewhere else?

Question 4. Sean M: Yields have been falling for more than 25 years. As Lynette has explained many times, when yields fall, bond prices rise. This means that the public really has been mainly used to seeing the principal amounts in their accounts stay at par or move higher for years. The public is not ready for a change in direction of yields, right? Do you think yields will begin increasing soon either due to defaults or something else?

Question 5. TDV: As far as gold mining stocks my concern is that governments where the actual mines are located could likely nationalize them thus leaving stockholders empty handed. Do you agree?