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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Miranda: can you explain again why it is not safe to keep your gold and silver in a safety deposit box at a bank? Do banks have legal ownership of the contents of a safe deposit box?
  2. Pete H: using silver for bartering, is there a certain form one would want to have silver in for these purposes?
  3. Kyle S: How would real estate drop in value during inflation or hyperinflation?
  4. Brian J: You talk about after the reset that you would use precious metals to invest in “income producing properties”. Do you mean places you would rent — residential, business or industrial — or places that produce things — agriculture, mines or factories of some sort?
  5. Sharon H: We are on a fixed income. i.e. social security and Military retirement. Do they reset the income as well as the currency? What happens to the price of living expenses such as food prices?