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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Marsha: You mentioned in a previous question about how to secure monthly income such as real estate. You also mentioned adding a gold clause. Can you explain that?
  2. Al: I’ve heard you say many times the value of your paper currency is falling with money printing (less purchasing power) but as other major currencies are also falling you don’t notice it. Can you elaborate on this please?
  3. Mathew C: What are the ramifications of the cmbs blowing up like the recent cmbs default reported on Friday?
  4. Apis Bull: If I have $100 of paper money in my wallet and after the reset is it still worth $100 or 10 cents?
  5. Darrel B: Is it possible after the reset, that any undervalued currencies then rise in value to become on parity with all currencies? If so, is it true that anyone already holding such currencies prior will be able to exchange them for an increased value after the reset, in a simple bank exchange?