We have been living through the War on Terror now for well over a decade. Whatever your political views are about the war are, the truth is they are just your views, and unfortunately, as Americans we often form our views either without all of the facts, or with the wrong facts. Gold as a hedge against terrorism? Does it even work that way? How can anything protect you from terrorism? Let’s look a little deeper into this, shall we.

Fortunately in today’s America, we really do not have to worry about roadside I.E.D.’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) like they do in the middle East. As Americans, we don’t fear pipe bombs in the garbage cans at train stations like they did in Ireland. Car bombs in America are meant for mobsters and reporters who get too close to the story, not for street markets or bazaars.

In The 1995 Movie “Casino” Robert DeNiro Plays Mobster Sam Rothstein. Rothstein Survived A Car Bombing.

ITM Trading is an American company. As Americans, those at ITM Trading believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves. We also believe that every head of household has the duty to protect those in the household. How each American chooses to protect themselves and their loved ones is a matter of personal choice. In America, an adult without a criminal history can purchase a firearm for personal protection. That same person can purchase gold for financial protection.

There are places in the world where you would not want to travel or perhaps do business without a firearm for protection. Fortunately for us in America, most trips to the market do not require a firearm for personal protection from terrorists wishing to do you bodily harm. Gold as a hedge against terrorism won’t really protect you in a downtown market, but it just might protect you in the stock market.

Gold As A Hedge Against Terrorism: How Does It Work?

We learn from our experiences, our teachers, our mistakes, and if we are bright, we learn from the mistakes of others. The more you want to learn, the wider you should open your eyes and question what you see. Once you see clearly, start looking overseas and around the globe for a much wider perspective, and once you have this perspective, start looking to history. Only once you have studied in-depth, can you start to form in-depth understandings of how things truly work, and how economic cycles and history seem to repeat.

want to understand gold as a hedge against terrorism? call ITM Trading
You Can Either Educate Yourself On These Complex Financial Issues, Or You Can Discuss Them With An ITM Trading Senior Analyst.

Maybe you are pretty busy and don’t really have the time to perform an in-depth study of gold as a hedge against terrorism works. Maybe there are other things in your day to day life that call a little louder than a history lesson, like your kids or your job or your other responsibilities. In that case, pick up the phone and dial a senior analyst at ITM Trading. Have a list of questions about how gold functions as a hedge against terrorism in the financial sense and can protect, or hedge, your assets.

gold as a hedge against terrorism: 9/11 Reportedly Cost Insures $40 Billion.
9/11 Reportedly Cost Insures $40 Billion.

Ask the ITM Trading representative about how 9/11 pushed the US into an extended recession, while closing the stock markets for four days. The stock markets were only closed two days during 1929 when the US stock markets crashed. Ask about the trillions of dollars that were either evaporated or printed out of thin air to fight “The War on Terror”. Ask what the international gold markets were doing while the Dow was getting ready to re-open to it’s biggest one day loss so far. Ask about who really absorbed the $40 billion in insurance losses? (Hint: do you pay insurance?)

Gold As A Hedge Against Terrorism: What Kind Of Gold?

As far as ITM Trading and the analysts who work for ITM Trading is concerned, there is only one type of gold to own, physical gold. If you can’t get your hands on your gold during a terrorist attack, then it is not the kind of gold that can act as a hedge. If you trust others to hold your gold during a terrorist attack, and the price of gold goes up over 20% overnight like it did in 2001, you may not get your gold back. If gold goes up 300% before the markets can re-open after another terrorist attack, I really would not expect to get gold back from bankers if I were you.

gold as a hedge against terrorism: bank collapse
Financial Terrorism Hits Banks Hard. If You Keep Your Gold In A Bank, Good Luck.

ITM Trading does not suggest that you altogether abandon the stock markets and other financial vehicles, but ITM Trading does strongly suggest that you own some physical tangible wealth that you can use in the event of terroristic attacks against the US and it’s markets and banking entities to hedge your market losses, or as a currency if need be.

If you would like to discuss owning gold as a hedge against terrorism, please call us and begin the conversation. The best case scenario is that you ending owning gold as a hedge against terrorism. The worst case scenario is that you lose the wealth you have in the markets to the next acts of terrorism that close Wall Street.