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How To Use Metals In A Crisis

At ITM Trading we add new information to our website several times a week. Sometimes we add market reports or webinars that our chief market analyst Lynette Zang produces. We also add unique written content developed specifically for the clients…

2008 Crisis

2008 Financial Crisis!  30 Minutes of Vital, Never-Heard-Before Information.     Lynette Zang is the chief market analyst at ITM Trading. For quite some time now she has been producing webinars which convert complex market information into usable information that…

Brexit just happened. Now what?

British citizens sent a strong no confidence vote in the European Union in a surprise Brexit (BRitish EXIT from European Union). This is an extremely important technical step in the breakdown occurring in the global financial markets. “This is the…

The Case for Gold

ITM Trading is a full-service buy / sell precious metals firm that deals in gold andsilver bullion as well as rare gold coins. ITM Trading was founded in 1995 by Craig Griffin. Mr. Griffin envisioned building a firm that would…

Gold As A Hedge Against Terrorism

We have been living through the War on Terror now for well over a decade. Whatever your political views are about the war are, the truth is they are just your views, and unfortunately, as Americans we often form our…

Sears Demise – A Reason To Buy Gold?

If you don’t check out the financial news or if you turn a deaf ear to the radio reports of the daily financial recaps on your commute to and from work, then maybe you are not aware of the Sears…

Owning Gold To Ward Off Financial Monkeys

You may associate owning gold with many things. A box full of shiny yellow jewelry. Perhaps a gold nugget tucked away in a safe. You may associate owning gold with your ETF account. Some people have gold in their teeth,…

Why A 1000 Point Crash In The Dow Can Mean All Hell Is Breaking Loose

A few weeks ago the Dow market opened to a very sharp decline. In fact, the market suffered a 1000 point crash in the first opening hour. Tumultuous days of trading ensued, with wild swings happening intraday, and the closing…

Urgent Corrective Action to Resolve Europe Financial Crisis

Noble Prize winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz has called for immediate action by European nations to manage Financial Crisis, that the region is facing. In an interview in Geneva on September 24, Stiglitz said that European nations should consider mutualization of their…


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