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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Jim H: You talked about the SDR/digital derivative of it being the new reserve currency. You then mention there could be a number of currencies in the SDR basket. If all currencies are fiat, won’t the SDR just be another fiat?

Question 2. Engels V: Assuming the next crash will be similar to that of the Great Depression, how will Gold/Silver protect me and my family during the crash? My understanding is that the value of precious metals will deflate along with every other asset.

Question 3. Mark P: After the crash, and we are still able to work at our current job, what happens to our paycheck if it is direct deposited into the bank but the banks freeze accounts to $300 per day? What can we do to avoid this trap?

Question 4. Carl P: What is the support level price on gold and silver?

Question 5. Tony F: Tell me this. How can an economy encumbered with enormous deficits and unfunded future liabilities, along with a Congress that adds to these huge debt expenditures, year after year, remain viable?