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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Phillip J: You said there will come a time to invest in the stock market. You also said gold performs better than the stock market overall. Why not just invest in gold and forget about the stock market forever?

Question 2. John C: So, why not QE infinity?  Fed doesn’t seem too worried about the astronomical debt that has been accumulated so far.  Markets, which are supported by QE, keep rising.  QE infinity?  New normal?

Question 3. Mike: Although I am not opposed to owning gold, I am concerned that if there is a financial reset and the dollar becomes devalued or worthless, then how do you price gold and silver if the dollar is worthless?

Question 4. Bonny J: You mentioned the value of gold should be measured in debt and that all currency, notes, ect. are debt based. What kind of debt are you referring to for the measurement?

Question 5. Rod G: Do you think that the Australian economy will go exactly the same way as the US in the near future, such as losing our AUD$ Fiat currency?