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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Gold is one of the very few asset classes that has risen this year—but the price is still a far cry from the $5,000 to $10,000 levels she’s mentioned. Silver is worse; not only has it fallen this year; most miners can’t even make a profit at current prices.

Will we really see triple-digit silver? Is the gold price realistically going to triple or quadruple or more?

What is happening with the debt clock?

Please explain what happened during this crisis to gold & silver, bullion & pre-33(supply chain & availability).  What do you feel will happen if we have a lull and what do you think the next crisis will look like for PM?

Internalrefraction: Have you looked at the elements that make up the Bitcoin base layer and lightning network second layer? Open, borderless, censorship resistant, no third party?

Pax Vobiscum: I have PAID UP Whole Life Insurance Policies…should I cash them in and buy more gold and silver?

Ray Holt: What collectible items do you recommend keeping during the reset vs things to sell that value will decline?

Hussam Moqbel: Do you think that the IMF will start SDR or crypto in demo mode (as the first stage)?

Jdfavesongs: WHO are the Plunge Protection Team? And we will never have a RESET unless this TEAM STOPS their so-called PROTECTION.

Bedders: Do you think we’ll have another big drop in gold if the stock market takes another dive and there’s a scramble for liquidity?

J John S: How does a conversion system work with silver when it gets to the point where you actually have to use them, who determines the value in the transaction?

BL: You explained when the system gets resent, the money in your bank could go from $10,000 to $1. What happens to those who have only $100?

Nancy j: Is the FDIC insolvent?