Richard Russell, a prominent financial writer, on July 8th wrote this:

“Fed Chief Bernanke will absolutely not accept deflation… Shrewd gold-accumulators are well aware of this.  As the deflationary and de-leveraging forces press on the US economy, the Bernanke Fed is ready to devalue the US dollar in its (whatever it takes) battle to hold back deflation.”

Russell sums it up in three sentences:

1. The Fed will not tolerate the growing forces of deflation
2. To combat the deflationary forces, the Fed will devalue the dollar by printing trillions more of Federal fiat money.
3. Once it is realized that the Fed is on the path to devalue the dollar, there will be panic to buy and own gold.

The key to what he has said is “once it is realized that the Fed is on the path to devalue the dollar.”  Most of the general public does not realize that this is going on with intention.  They don’t realize that every time the Fed prints dollars it devalues all dollars in the system through monetary inflation.  It only takes 4% inflation for 17 years to cut the value of the dollar in half!  When the general public realizes that the Fed won’t stop printing there will be a mass exodus into gold and the prices will go through the roof; simple supply and demand.

It should be obvious that the Fed hates deflation; they have been inflating the dollar since their inception in 1913.  They do this by printing money.  This process has been accelerated by the removal of the gold standard in 1971.  The Fed can now print money without limitation, thus the reason the monetary supply has increased 2.5 times in 18 months.  The deficits are increasing by an average of $4.7 billion per day.  But people have become accustom to the inflation tax, so it is just normal.

The new pace with which the Fed is printing money will have massive inflation implications in the long-run and it will be impossible for people to ignore.  Buy gold coins before everyone does.  By the time everyone wants in there won’t be enough physical gold for everyone to own in order to protect what they have.