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ITM. Solid as Gold.

We are a 20 year old, full service precious metals firm specializing in gold and silver products ranging from bullion to rare gold coins. We strive to assist each client in meeting their goals when investing in precious metals. We have thrived during the ups and downs of the market while maintaining a very strong reputation. For this reason the Better Business Bureau has bestowed upon on us their highest rating, A+.

Expert Commentary

A-Mark Bullion Update
Yesterday, US home sales for the month of May came in better than expected and rose by 5.1% to 5.35 million units, the best figure since 2010.  Gold had already failed two days in a row at its 200 day moving average and the positive US homes data wa ... [Read More...]

A-Mark Bullion Update
On the heels of the US Federal Reserve signaling that it will be even more cautious than expected in the shift towards monetary policy normalization, gold rallied to three week highs today.  Traders had positioned themselves on the short side of gol ... [Read More...]

Buying Gold and Silver Made Easy.

Buying gold and silver can be a bit daunting if you are a first time buyer. At ITM Trading, Inc. our mission is to enable you to acquire precious metals with confidence. This buyer's guide should provide you with enough information to do so confidently.

For centuries, despite the ups and downs of the economy, gold and silver have proven to retain their worth. We believe in long-term ownership, we also believe a portion of everyone's financial portfolio should contain them and we strongly believe that now is the time to own them. For more information click on "Getting Started."