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Eras in which Famous Rare Gold Coins were Minted in United States

Blog Dec 29, 2011

The Brasher Doubloon, which is one of many extremely Famous Rare Gold Coins, was sold for $7.4 million in December 2011. This marked the highest price at that time offered for a gold coin. It is believed to be the oldest gold coin to be minted in the US and the recent transaction highlights the demand and value such pieces hold even today. This million dollar deal was struck by Blanchard and Company, Inc. on December 9, 2011 in New Orleans. Blanchard and Company deals in precious metals and refused to confirm the identity of the seller. The only thing they revealed was that the buyer was a Wall Street Investment Company.
This rare doubloon was minted by a goldsmith named Ephraim Brasher. The coin is made of 26.66 g of gold which is under an ounce in weight. The gold value alone of the coin at the time of minting was $15 and was valued at tha time of its sale at $1,500.
This gold coin is believed to be the first US made coin which has a denomination in dollars. The US Mint located in Philadelphia did not begin striking gold coins till the 1790s.

There are many rare gold coins present in the market these days. However, it is extremely important to know how to distinguish and value these coins if you are interested in collecting and investing in such rare gold coins.

United States Rare Gold Coins
These are rare coins considered to be good quality, with a high composition of gold. Another aspect that adds more value to possessing such pieces of history is their rarity. The eras in which some famous rare gold coins were minted are:

  1. Bust Half Dollars: This ½ dollar denomination was struck in 1794. Such coins are of the Overton variety. It was first authorized on April 2, 1792 by the Coinage Act. These coins have been issued in eight different designs and, in 1964, were struck in silver as well.Examples of Bust Half Dollar Coins – These rare gold coins are considered to be among the most beautiful to be minted coins by the US Mint. These include Walking Liberty half dollar type (1916-1947), Franklin Half (1948-1963), Kennedy Half (1964-Present).
  2. Territorial Gold Coins: These rare gold coins were minted for the purpose of circulation. They are of the rare Breen varieties and are considered as pedigreed gold coins. The most popular pieces were struck in 1849 and the 1950s in California and issues were made in 1830 in Georgia and in 1860 in Colorado. Theses coins came in various denominations, such as gold dollars and $50 gold pieces known as ‘Slugs’. Most of these gold coins were minted in San Francisco (US Assay Office).Examples of Territorial Gold Coins – One of the most famous examples of gold dollars is ‘Bechtler’, which was issued in the 1830s.
  3. Early American Coins: These rare gold coins are from the ‘American Revolution’ era. These beautiful American coins are treasured as a piece of history. They were designed on the lines of ancient Greek coins and the end product turned out to be even more beautiful than the source of inspiration.Examples of Early American Gold Coins: These highly popular gold coins are among the favorites of collectors. The most famous is the Liberty $20 Gold Coin, St. Gaudens $20 Gold Coins, $10 Liberty, $10 Indian, $5 Liberty, $5 Indian, $4 Stella, $2.5 Liberty, $2.5 Indian, $1 Liberty and the $1 Indian Head.
  4. Early Bust Gold Coins: These are considered as the most desirable rare world coins. It was in 1800 that Gilbert Stuart’s design of the 1795 half cents was minted. However, it was not till August 1802 that the 1795-1797 made an appearance on the American coinage.Examples of Early American Coins: Some of the famous early American coins are Small Eagle /Draped Bust (1796- 1797), Capped Bust (1836-1837) and Heraldic Eagle (1800- 1805).

These coins were minted by the United States and are examples of famous rare gold coins.

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